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NSA Scandal: Make-Up Your Own Mind…by reading my opinion and agreeing with it.

12 Jun
Listen to Hobbes

Listen to Hobbes

I get it.  Your privacy has been invaded and Orwell’s worst nightmares are coming to fruition.  The government can read all your shit.  All your internet shit.  The country is divided into several parties on the issue.  Those who I am speaking to now–those in hysterics,  those who simply couldn’t give damn if they tried and those who see the invasions as necessary preemptive measures against terrorism.  Continue reading


A Little Outdated Piece About Conspiracies. And I do Mean ‘Piece’.

19 Nov

So, I just got done pricing-up the stainless steel ductwork for a Waste Water Treatment Plant and naturally, I’m still pretty amped.  Rather than waste this energy surfing the internet for pictures that represent my unique sense of humor and carefree view of life, I have chosen to force my opinions on anyone who makes the mistake of reading this thing all the way through.  These are, in fact, only opinions and I am completely open to the idea that I am probably misinformed and biased by factors that I cannot even recognize.  That said, believe everything you read in the next 10-15 minutes. Continue reading


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