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A Rally, My Bills Fans

5 Apr
Pretty much sums up my point

Bills fans put the passion, in compassion.  Don’t really know what I mean by that.

At some point it seems that blind, passionate optimism has been snubbed by the realists and snarks that run football-society.  To believe beyond all accepted factual evidence in success has lost the positive social perception I feel it deserves.  Instead, cynics, with an eye for a potential failure can splatter the internet with their demotivating, hopeless–albeit factually accurate–stories of why and how a team or person will fail.  I am mostly speaking of the Buffalo Bills and the many articles I have read detailing my beloved Bills’ offseason moves–or lack thereof–and potential draft picks. The trendy move is to foresee the failure of an alluring draft pick (Nassib is Fitz 2.0, Barkley comes from USC and nothing good that throws the ball comes from USC, etc.)  or to ignite a premature mutiny against the brand new head coach and his entire staff.   Continue reading


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