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Give me baby let’s go

15 Dec


This was taken from my journal, more or less word for word.  The scene is a bus stop in Liznjan about a mile from my hostel.  The bus stop and I are well acquainted as I could not decipher the bus schedule and the vehicle never seemed to arrive at the same time two days in a row.  At some points it sounds cocky, then dips into self-deprecation…either way don’t judge me too harshly based off my bored ramblings. Continue reading


Love and Croatian Cheeseburgers: Just more from the same trip

19 Nov

Never in my life have I experienced such beauty as Croatia. Upon arrival I took quick notice that there was not a cloud in the blue sky, and that the temperature and humidity were in perfect proportions to induce sweat and evaporate it away before it is even noticed.  Ideal conditions for a man as reptilian as myself.  I wandered the streets of Pula with my Wal-mart backpack and my Sexy-Action-Extreme-Sandals, which were designed to handle all conditions of walking with an air of sexiness, extremitude and actionocity.  Had the architects of the English language anticipated their existence, I would not have to make up such words.  The sandals had straps for days and enough Velcro to provide an abrasive playing surface in Three football stadiums.  My attention was diverted–temporarily–from my sandals by a piece of graffiti on an innocuous side building.  In simply painted, red letters the words “Chuck Norris” had been placed dead center on the buildings exterior wall.   The internet has done amazing things. Continue reading

An American Epiphany in Croatia

19 Nov

The effects, of booze, asses, sun and patriotism on the young American’s mind… Also a brief statement on the old sitcom Step by Step. Continue reading


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