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DeAndre Hopkins or Bust: Follow Up.

22 Apr

This particular hotel bathroom was destroyed by a stubborn dingle-berry and a man living too close to his edge.

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Hopkins or Bust

10 Apr

April 25, 2013, there was a draft in NYC, tell me where was your spleen?–Crude play on Sublime song

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A Rally, My Bills Fans

5 Apr
Pretty much sums up my point

Bills fans put the passion, in compassion.  Don’t really know what I mean by that.

At some point it seems that blind, passionate optimism has been snubbed by the realists and snarks that run football-society.  To believe beyond all accepted factual evidence in success has lost the positive social perception I feel it deserves.  Instead, cynics, with an eye for a potential failure can splatter the internet with their demotivating, hopeless–albeit factually accurate–stories of why and how a team or person will fail.  I am mostly speaking of the Buffalo Bills and the many articles I have read detailing my beloved Bills’ offseason moves–or lack thereof–and potential draft picks. The trendy move is to foresee the failure of an alluring draft pick (Nassib is Fitz 2.0, Barkley comes from USC and nothing good that throws the ball comes from USC, etc.)  or to ignite a premature mutiny against the brand new head coach and his entire staff.   Continue reading

State of the Buffalo Bills Address

4 Dec


Now, onto the Bills.  The second most frustrating part about being a Bills fan–apart from the decade long playoff drought–is their consistent inconsistency.  Every year they will come out and win Five in a row, only to lose the next eleven; or they jump out to a 1-7 record then win 8 useless games in a row.  When their offense is on fire, their defense is drenched in fire retardant foam and vice versa.

The last two weeks have shown the defense beginning to play up to their potential.  Mario Williams wrist surgery seems to have legitimately improved his play and aggressiveness as he has racked up 9.5 sacks on the season to go along with a forced fumble and 34 tackles. Considering Dave Wannstedt avoids blitzing like a gypsy told him it would lead to his demise, these are good numbers for Mario.  Kyle Williams remains an unheralded  beast in the middle with 5 sacks and at least one explosive tackle-for-loss per game.  Our linebackers remain a weakness, besides Barnett who is, in fact, a tackling addict.  Our safety play is solid and you all already know my feelings toward Stephon Gilmore…the other corner is a massive issue I see the Bills solving in Free Agency.

The offense is the real crap shoot every week.  Fitzpatrick can either be an efficient and accurate game-manager, or a hell-spawn nightmare determined to crush the spirits of Western New York.  He has 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions–stats that would not typically warrant harsh criticism.  The problem with his turn-overs is they seem to happen only in the most crucial points in a game.  No one is more apt to throw an interception on a potential game winning drive than Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Our receivers are not a huge help to the Harvard boy either.  Stevie is an elite receiver and an extremely dependable receiver, but he isn’t a game changer like Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Fitzgerald or even Hartline and Torrey Smith.  He lacks the big-time height and butt-puckering speed.  And none of the other receivers are filling in that role either.  I see the Bills choosing a receiver high in the draft in 2013…right after a QB project.

The running game fills my heart with glee and the offensive line has performed adequately in the pass and phenomenal in the run.  All with few to none well known names, and the usual stream of injuries that plague every team’s trench warriors. Cordy Glenn is going to be a star left tackle and our guards are tough to criticize, mainly because I don’t pay close enough attention to the O-line during games.  Spiller is our future and Freddie will be the best relief back in the league if we keep him on the roster…which seems likely.

So what does the future hold?  Stuff, mostly.  And for the Bills, I believe that stuff involves a disappointing 2012-2013 season ending in an 8-8 record.  I see Wannstedt being fired and a general emphasis being placed to find linebackers capable of pass coverage and a left corner in the offseason.  Fitzpatrick will remain and probably start next season with whatever young, up-and-comer learning and gaining experience from the sidelines.  The direction of the team will shift into a Baltimore Ravens-esque plan where a strong defense and unstoppable running game will be the primary tools used to achieve victory. Next season is the playoffs.  Did I say that last year, and the year before?  Maybe.  Will I say it again if Im wrong next year? Yes.

A Rush to Judgement? Almost Definitely.

21 Nov

Have you ever seen a man less enthused about being drafted into the NFL?

I’m not sure how to put this without sounding like a typical Bills fan but, I believe with every fiber of my being that this is another Superbowl year for Buffalo. Granted, I’ve never not believed the Bills were destined to be champions in any season for as long as I can remember. Our bone-marrow is filled with optimism, what can I say? This year’s shameless optimism is different.  It’s more specific.  I can tell you exactly why the Buffalo Bills are winning it all this year. Stephon Gilmore.  The Lenny Kravitz-esque rookie cornerback out of South Carolina. Continue reading

The 2013 Buffalo Bills: Hope for a brighter tomorrow

21 Nov

I have been a Bills fan for as long as I can remember.  Which is to say, approximately 16 years.  There are only a couple plays that truly stand out in my mind when I conjure up thoughts of my beloved team; Doug Flutie in 1998 scrambling out of the clutches of the entire Jacksonville defensive-line to score a touchdown in the last seconds of the game; and of course, the Music City Travesty.  Besides those two plays, it seems the last 14 years has been a ten-layer shit sandwich drenched in the juices collected at the bottom of garbage bags.  I remember losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Third Teamers in a win-and-get-in game at some point.  I could look it up but I won’t.  And besides that, I vaguely remember several limp-armed quarterbacks with some set of intangibles only valuable to a man trying to sabotage a football team and demoralize an already downtrodden City.  But those are the ramblings of a broken heart, no longer tethered to hope. Continue reading


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