NSA Scandal: Make-Up Your Own Mind…by reading my opinion and agreeing with it.

12 Jun
Listen to Hobbes

Listen to Hobbes

I get it.  Your privacy has been invaded and Orwell’s worst nightmares are coming to fruition.  The government can read all your shit.  All your internet shit.  The country is divided into several parties on the issue.  Those who I am speaking to now–those in hysterics,  those who simply couldn’t give damn if they tried and those who see the invasions as necessary preemptive measures against terrorism.   In my humble, unsolicited opinion, I think all sides are wrong.  As a heating, cooling and air conditioning engineer who sometimes reads articles about world issues, I’ve theorized that the only correct mentality in reaction to the NSA scandal is discomfort.  Not rage, not complete ambivalence.  Discomfort.  Also, did anyone actually believe that Homeland Security had no way of checking up on the shit people post on Facebook or look-up on Google?

Whenever anything happens that is capable of drawing the attention of the entire nation, there will be people who want to hitch themselves to that attention drawing source.  They are not capable of producing ideas or images that can generate global interest, so they–like parasites–latch on the major news stories and attempt to permanently embed themselves sin the story by blowing it entirely out of proportion and riling up the easily riled up.  These people want the President and Senators to be tried for High Treason.  They claim that we currently live in a Police State and our Freedoms are being eroded as consistently as limestone under running water–although at a much greater pace.  Anyone who seems almost pleasantly excited by the NSA scandal should be viewed at a distance and with great caution.  They are addicted to being down-trodden and have forever identified themselves as victims and cogs in a machine they can only wave an angry fist toward.  They want to preach to you about the Constitution.  They need you to agree with them and L. Ron Hubbard help you if you’re not as mentally disturbed as they are.

On the other side are the forever apathetic.  A group, that so long as kept to reasonably low levels, is completely harmless.  They merely want to live each day and don’t put too much weight in the principle of “freedom.”  They aren’t bothered by the wrongs going on in the World so long as their bubble of reality is generally okay.  This is not to call them sociopaths or anything malicious, as often I find they are much more likely to perform random acts of kindness than any other demographic.  They are just not capable of concern on a global scale, or contemplating a problem from a 3000 ft. view, a view that would no doubt include their personal bubbles.  These people need not be avoided, but I wouldn’t break a leg hopping a fence to shake one of their hands.  They simply want to live and let live, which is just as fine as it is unethical.  They don’t really care about NSA… they don’t talk about building bombs, end of conversation.

There are also those who believe the Government is 100% in the right and that it is basically unrealistic to assume that one can operate on the internet (in any form) completely anonymously.  They value security.  Perhaps a loved one has been killed in a  terrorist attack, perhaps they’ve been injured, regardless, they trust Homeland Security to do what is necessary to protect them, even if that means snooping around a little bit.  I cannot fault these people.  I also don’t agree with this way of thinking.  That is only because I still live in a  sunshine and rainbow world where there aren’t constant threats to my safety being dealt with by professional, government-employed and ultra-badass dudes in Oakley sunglasses.   I’m aware of danger and death but I try not to acknowledge either in my day-to-day life and therefor believe there’s hardly a need for NSA or Homeland Security at all, everyone loves everyone.  I do not think that I am “right,” it is merely how I choose to live my life.  So, that said, how could I look down on someone who  just values security more than ignorant bliss in life?  Someone who has a little more trust in their elected officials?  I can’t and I won’t.

In my opinion–again as a professional seller of industrial hvac equipment–one should realize that these kinds of scandals happen to every President that has ever existed.  I would challenge any reader to provide an administration in which no controversy involving public deception was ever accused or proven–and don’t use that guy who caught pneumonia during his inauguration speech, ya smartasses.  Reagan had the Contra Scandal (which seems far, far worse and yet unanimously forgiven), Clinton had Whitewater and White-stains, Nixon was caught slaughtering puppies…The list goes on.  And, most of those guys didn’t even have to deal with the massive political migraine that is the internet.  Am I disappointed in Obama?  Not really.   He was complacent to all of this but I don’t believe he was a driving force in any way.  The Government has always spied on Citizens they suspected of devilish tom-foolery.  Before, they just used wire taps, and tinted-windowed cars parked outside of homes and other shit I’ve seen in movies.  They’ve always had shiesty, covert shit going on and I honestly believe that it is usually for our general good, usually.  So, this is nothing particularly new.

But, all that said, this scandal should not be squashed and it does deserve to be called a scandal.  They got caught.  We all kind of new they were doing it, but now we know.  Now the NSA has its pants down and we’re all staring at their exposed cock and balls.  We’re grimacing in disgust and morbid entertainment at the sight and the NSA is humiliated.  We must use this rare leverage to make some demands involving our privacy.  Get rid of Homeland Security?  Get real.  Limit what the government can collect in a database to posts on public websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various forum like sites) while excluding things like a person’s search history and personal e-mails/text messages?  I think it’s doable. The internet is still relatively new and we can’t react like a bunch of overzealous wannabe-activists every time the internet produces a new moral/ethical quandary.

To the shockingly enraged I say, Your freedom is pretty fucking intact. Just read about the rest of the World for some perspective, even if for some reason a soldier read all your emails and laughed at all your personal issues while doing it, you can still get up from wherever you are right now, quit your job, call everyone you meet walking down the street “your Highness” while wearing a yarmulke, Burka and carrying a cross on your back.  You can carry a gun, but don’t have to, you can eat anything and, hell, if you make enough money you can literally do whatever the fuck you want.

To the depressingly apathetic I say, keep doing you, but please don’t try and raise your kids to be the same way.  Passion is the fuel of change and even misplaced passion had a place on this planet.  This NSA thing will probably never effect you and you can die satisfied knowing you did not give a fuck towards something that never deserved a fuck.  However, and I say this to the government groupies as well,  what Snowden did, I believe, was morally the only right thing to do.  By exposing these things, it keeps those pulling the strings from becoming too overconfident or believing they are invincible.  For instance, if this had been allowed to continue behind closed doors, it may have spread all the way down to local police, so that your neighbor the State Trooper has access to all your e-mails and personal info.  If you don’t find that terrifying then there’s no hope for your survival, but I want to smoke a blunt with you because you’d probably be inspiration-ally chill.   Who knows, perhaps after all the dust has settled, a valuable lesson will be learned and those in charge of protecting our country will realize there are boundaries that the public does not want crossed under any circumstances.

This was pretty scatter-brained and I apologize.  Tis a symptom of having no refined writing skills or formal education.  Basically, I don’t think this is a very unique occurrence in World History but it shouldn’t be shrugged off either.  We can learn from this, the NSA and the structure put in place to help protect us from foreign attack can improve the way they operate because of this.  But stop with the Orwell shit, stop acting like this is cause for Anarchy to finally rule, just calm the fuck down and view this thing reasonably.  Snowden needs to be pardoned and the NSA needs to change the way it sniffs out ‘terrorists’ and the Buffalo Bills need to win a Super Bowl.


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