Hopkins or Bust

10 Apr

April 25, 2013, there was a draft in NYC, tell me where was your spleen?–Crude play on Sublime song

I want DeAndre Hopkins on the Buffalo Bills, period.  I don’t honestly feel like I need to explain myself but since I started this post, i guess I should.  I mean, what else am I going to do right now? My job?  I think not.

Wide Receiver is definitely one of the deeper positions in the draft and the potential for a sleeper pick exploding onto the scene is great.  I also feel like this year is going to be a marvelous year for wide receiver busts, a la, Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, James Hardy, etc. There seem to be a lot of physically gifted kids out there who are fast, tall and strong enough to impress any scout.  They also have the game film to prove they aren’t completely uncoordinated out on the field either.  Receivers like Cordarrele Patterson, Keenan Allen,  Justin Hunter and even Quinton Patten all fit the mold of a prototypical wide receiver and are all over 6′ 2″.  Every single one of these guys could turn out to be the boner inducing play maker the city of Buffalo desperately deserves and marginally needs.  However, none of them are as talented and pure a football player as Nuke Hopkins.

I don’t have a very good sports writing lexicon and when it comes to research, Im downright lazy so if you want any of these opinions to be well explained and backed up by hard facts, then you are going to be extremely disappointed.  I gather everything football through a combination of gut instinct, refined field experience and glands in my skin that pick-up even the most minute electrical impulses. One thing I love about Nuke is his gamesmanship.  Allow me to try to explain: Never being an elite athlete myself, I depended heavily on understanding the game and watching what made certain players “clutch” in order to get on the field myself.  One thing I noticed was there was a unique and ambiguous mentality that only a few special people can foster, that when paired with even mild athleticism can produce a star.  There were always kids who just seemed to come up with the big play at the right time and also never, ever fucked up.  They just never fucked up. If the ball was thrown to them they would catch it, if they were blocking they would block well, if they took a hard hit they didn’t fumble…they just don’t allow themselves to fuck up, and in their pursuit to avoid imperfection always translated to big numbers.  This is what I see in Nuke Hopkins.

He’s got average height (6′ 1″) and speed (don’t feel like looking up his forty time but I’m going to guesstimate 4.55) but if you watch any of his game film you notice that the man doesn’t make too many mistakes, if any at all.  His down-field blocking is aggressive and reeks like effort, if the ball is thrown his way, you can rest assured that at the very least, he will make sure it doesn’t get intercepted.  He is always in play for the ball.  If you watch his highlight reel, you won’t believe some of the catches he is able to make.  Not just the acrobatic, slow-mo, high-ball catches that may be the most visually pleasing, but the much more difficult, tight window catches where hands and bodies are flying all over the place in front of the receiver’s eyes but his concentration is never lost and he is able to make the catch.  These are the types of catches that get first downs or redzone touchdowns and they are the mark of a truly talented wide receiver and not just a gifted athlete.

I want Hopkins, which means the Bills will almost certainly not draft him.  But, if he is on the board at 41, or we manage to trade down to  a 20th+ pick, then I will grit my teeth and cross my fingers that the good people at One Bills Drive see the same thing I see.


2 Responses to “Hopkins or Bust”

  1. Sarah C April 11, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    It could be fun to watch him play alongside fellow Clemson football alum CJ Spiller 🙂

    • dubiousdookowski April 11, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

      Keep the Clemson comin’…I’ve been looking for a favorite college football team for awhile. Snag their QB next year?

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