A Rally, My Bills Fans

5 Apr
Pretty much sums up my point

Bills fans put the passion, in compassion.  Don’t really know what I mean by that.

At some point it seems that blind, passionate optimism has been snubbed by the realists and snarks that run football-society.  To believe beyond all accepted factual evidence in success has lost the positive social perception I feel it deserves.  Instead, cynics, with an eye for a potential failure can splatter the internet with their demotivating, hopeless–albeit factually accurate–stories of why and how a team or person will fail.  I am mostly speaking of the Buffalo Bills and the many articles I have read detailing my beloved Bills’ offseason moves–or lack thereof–and potential draft picks. The trendy move is to foresee the failure of an alluring draft pick (Nassib is Fitz 2.0, Barkley comes from USC and nothing good that throws the ball comes from USC, etc.)  or to ignite a premature mutiny against the brand new head coach and his entire staff.  

There seems to be a renewed pessimism in Buffalo, as if the apathy that ESPN and the NFL feel towards the small market team has finally crushed all spirits in this windy, blue-collar town.  I fear Bills fans will be the kind of fans who wear paper bags to games and use self-deprecating humor in discussions on football instead of laughing in the face of history and likelihood and proclaiming NFL supremacy.  I fear this greatly and hope that somehow this fate will be avoided through the power of faith..not in the Lord but in the Underdog.  Every Underdog is only as good as the throng of fans storming the field upon an unlikely victory.  Does a team bring joy to a down-trodden city?  Are the fans weeping?  If not, than that team is no Underdog.  I remember last year attending a game in which we were losing handedly.  Not only were we losing that game, but our season had been decided two weeks ago and we were to spend another year thinking about what it would be like to go to the playoffs.  All this said, with literally nothing to look forward to, I’ll be damned if that stadium didn’t erupt with every meaningless First Down or pass deflection…And I loved every pathetic second of it.

The Buffalo Bills may suck dick forever, it is a definite possibility, but goddamnit that doesn’t mean that every year fans shouldn’t expect a SuperBowl victory!  That willing suspension of rationality is what make Bills fans great.  It is what brings free agents who crave their old college playing days to Buffalo.  They can feel the unconditional love oozing from every home and storefront and can sense that they are the focal point of pride in the City. A pro ball player in Buffalo is a totally different animal in the eyes of the fan than say a player in Chicago where famous names are a dime a dozen.  A potential Bill  knows that if their career goes South and they become relegated to Special Teams, that the entire city of Buffalo will still know that players name, face, jersey number and alma mater.  We don’t only love the good Bills here in Buffalo, we love all Bills (accept Bill Belichick).

We are cheeseheads without the success.  Die Hards who do not know what it is like to have their loyalty rewarded but don’t give a fuck anyways.  I hope we never let those who take pride in predicting the worst of scenarios prevent us from expecting the best of scenarios.  Sure, there will be a select few who are truly skilled in accurately predicting bummers and they may get to brag to their friends about ‘calling’ a player’s benching or a team’s poor record, they may even be labeled as ‘knowledgeable, realistic fans’  but, to me, in my World, they have no right to the title of Fan.  They are cold-blooded analyst who’ve forgotten what it means to be a fan a long time ago.


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