A Brief and Almost Incoherent Word on Happiness

19 Nov

I’ve heard that courage is not the absence of fear, rather the presence of fear and the decision to advance anyways.  I have always liked this quote for adding a level of humanity to some of the hero images that exist when the word ‘courage’ is uttered.  Rather than the maniac–who probably has PTSD up to his ear-lobes—jogging into a gun fight with a smile on his face, blasting guns like he was in a super-soaker fight, this little proverb ushers in an image of a normal guy who despite being scared to death, becomes a hero.  Just a fantastic little phrase is what I’m getting at.

But the idea behind the phrase doesn’t end at courage.  The same can be said for happiness and contentment as well as self-worth and self-esteem. These things do not exist in a vacuum.  You do not one day wake up with a permanent state of jubilation.  Even if you win that jackpot, nothing internally will change, and when the novelty of being retardedly rich wears off, you will once again be wondering what it would take to be happy.  I think the real problem is the definition of happiness seems to include a line that says all happiness if voided if you get depressed or anxious or angry at some point.  People idolize those who seem to always have a smile on their phase, who just look like they’re having the best time available under their circumstances.  The people who—nowadays—consistently fill their social media pages with upbeat quotes and pictures of beautiful places and things they are doing.  They preach positivity and therefore do not express to the world any of the things that are not so positive in their worlds.  There is nothing wrong with this approach. But I believe it creates an unrealistic expectation of what life should be to those who are struggling to find happiness and are confused by the fact that no matter what their current situation is that contentment and satisfaction with life never seems to be achieved.

What needs to be always hammered into the mind of anyone serious contemplating their level of joy in living, is that happiness is not the absence of emotional pain.  The absence of emotional pain is called being a sociopath.    With the ability to take a peek into so many different peoples lives, we begin comparing ourselves to personas created by carefully manicured profiles and webpages.  We begin to believe that there are people out there living an absolute dream, who never have a negative thought or regret an action.  That somehow in this Universe there are a series of steps that can be taken in order to absolutely assure pure spiritual equanimity as is made evident by Johnny Thirdworldtravelerski’s  awe-inspiring facebook profile.  The fact is nobody is happy all the time.  And that’s fine.  The key to life and contentment is being able to identify your feelings of self-consciousness, social anxiety, gloominess or lack of energy and embrace them.  Realize when they are rearing their ugly heads and face them head on knowing that better days are still possible…not promised, but possible.

I’ve lost track of what I was getting at.  This is why I will never make a living as a writer.  I get all carried away and start typing like Im speaking which not only causes ugly run-on sentences but also creates a nearly impossible to follow theme.  Basically, I want to say that happiness and contentment is a constant effort.  But it’s a fun effort.  Nothing will happen in your life that will eliminate all negatives and you wouldn’t want that mystery entity anyways because then life would be unbearably simple and chipper.  Like a nonstop Teletubbies episode.


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